Cast Iron Skillet EMPTY- Pick Your Scent Refills

Cast Iron Skillet EMPTY- Pick Your Scent Refills

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EMPTY Cast Iron Skillet and you can pick your refills!

This will still be boxed up and ready to go, there will NOT be a candle to start. Make sure you select your scent from the refills from that item.

We have multiple refill scents to pick from AND ENJOY.

Cast Iron Candles are 4" in diameter and the cutest little touch in the kitchen. Set on the countertop or the stove and light for a little ambiance after dinner or to bring a fun conversation piece when guests are over. You can also set it by the fireplace to create a cozy vibe. These are real cast iron skillets and can be used for cooking afterward or purchase refills from us. 

Please do not use other refills as we cannot guarantee the effectiveness of other companies' products as they have not been tested for performance. Also, refills can only be used in our cast iron skillet or broken into pieces, and the wicks removed to be placed in a warmer.

Cast Iron can be washed with warm water and soap as our wax and fragrance is non-toxic.

These come well-wrapped in a clear box with ribbon for the perfect unique gift. Grab this and a few refills to give any time.

Perfect unique gift for any time.

Refills will fit our 4" round diameter cast iron skillet sold during the holidays. 6" skillets are too large.

20+ hours of burn time when the wick is trimmed and candle care guidelines are followed.

Always use a coaster for any candle including the cast iron skillet candle.