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We have launched our recycle program! Return a jar 8oz. and larger to receive a discount on any candle of your choice!

Return any large glass jar unbroken/un-chipped back at a market with a Mill POND Candle label attached to receive 1$ off any new large candle or repurposed candle purchase. Returning multiple jars, you will receive a 1$ credit per jar on your purchase. (Excludes mini and tin jar candles, please recycle accordingly.)

Our entire product line has been sustainable and recyclable since we started this business. We seek out sustainable and recyclable products, including the small amount of plastics we use. We partner with green mindset companies that are continually doing their part as we try to do ours. If you ever have any questions regarding recycling our products, please ask. As most of you know, our wax is completely sustainable. This includes the shipment of the wax and shipping of all our products, including jars and all products involved. We are not perfect, but we try to do our little part.


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